Posted by: Adam Chee | April 15, 2009

Official Launch

Introducing International PACS Administrator Day


To all professionals working with medical imaging, please update your calendars for the 28th August 2009 (last Friday of August), it’s the inaugural International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day!


Inspired by the World Radiographer Day (for radiologic technologists) and Systems Administration Day (for IT Professionals), Medical Imaging Informatics Professional (aka PACS Administrator) now have a day of celebration of their own, the International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day– the first such celebration for healthcare informatics professional in the world.


PACS Administrators are the ones who keeps your PACS system operational, fixing broken studies, ensuring images load within three seconds upon clicking ‘ok’, enforcing data and image integrity, ensuring that your PACS system is healthy, safe, secure and efficient . Consider all the daunting tasks and long hours and weekends your PACS Administrator spends (for system upgrades and maintenance etc etc etc).


A PACS Administrator is like a Train Station Master, you only notice them when things are not working (and ignoring their presence when they keep things in order).


And let’s be frank, PACS Administrators get no acknowledge 364 days a year, so lets pay homage to these great men (and women) on this very special day, let’s showered them with expensive sports cars and large piles of cash in appreciation of their diligent work. But seriously, secretaries get flowers and cake on their day, why not give your PACS Administrator a nice gift as a token of appreciation and acknowledgement on the 28th August 2009?


Show your appreciation. Spread the word.


To learn more about International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day, go to


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