Posted by: Adam Chee | April 18, 2009

Updates: We have 5 new Ambassadors

Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I present to you, 5 individuals who have joined us as an Ambassador to the International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day. The new ambassadors are (in no particular order)

  1. Leslie Beidleman,PACS Administrator @ Mercy Health Partners, Toledo, Ohio Area (United States of Amercia)
  2. David Brown, Imaging Informatics Manager @ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Greater Los Angeles Area (United States of Amercia)
  3. John Steinbrenner, Manager (PACS/RIS Administration) @ Columbia St. Mary’s, Greater Milwaukee Area (United States of Amercia)
  4. Puneet Pantane, IITS @ GE Healthcare, Bombay Area (India)
  5. Ronald Li, IT Manager @ Imaging Partners Online. Sydney Area (Australia)

I thank all the above gentlemen and I welcome all interested individuals to join us as a Ambassador and  represent your local region or country. Remember, this day belongs to all PACS Administrators and those who plays a role in PACS support and management (be it from the hospital team or a solution provider), irregardless of where you are located.

It is your day of glory as much as it is mine, so join us and celebrate our profession.


  1. Hello I am the PACS Administrator for
    Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital (USA)
    Bolingbrook Hospital was the first New Hospital in The State Of Illinois to Open in the last 20 years .
    It was also the First All Digital hospital to Open In Illinois I am proud I had the opertunity to lead in the Implementation of a fully digital Radiology department The Hospital opened Jan 14 2008
    I would be honored to act as ambassador

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