Posted by: Adam Chee | August 5, 2009

We now have 10 (international) Ambassadors

As of this moment, we officially have a total of 10 (international) ambassadors for!

The two new volunteers are;

  • Geoff Brooks, PACS Administrator @ Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital, Illinois (United States of America)
  • Edward Wong, Radiographer (PACS Coordinator) @ Tuen Mun Hospital (Hong Kong)

Our 10 ambassadors span from 6 different countries (well, 7 if you include me) and I personally think that this is a great achievement given that this initiative was officially launch barely 4 months ago.

Are we moving into a global setting? Well 6 (or 7) countries is not exactly an entire planet but we are moving towards it. With ClubPACS being integrated, we are not only building a community to raise awareness and recognition for medical imaging informatics professionals (and related supporting staff) but also a community that shares and contribute knowledge, experiences – raising the bar in our profession.

Of course, there are some misses as well, we had to reject potential sponsors as we are not ‘ready’ yet and media interviews never took place as they are ‘forgotten’, but all these are not stopping us from reaching our goal of building a community for medical imaging informatics professionals, we will reach a level where ‘our voice’ will be make a difference.

As we speak, we have Jeff and John rebuilding the Milwaukee (USA) Chapter and Edward being task to setup the Hong Kong Chapter so we are moving (slowly but surely) and this community of practice is not mine alone, ClubPACS and International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day is yours as much as it is mine so if you would like to contribute  in any way (or provide suggestions), please do take a step forward.

I’m doing my part for our profession, are you?


  1. What can I do to help?

    Hal Davis, CIIP
    PACS/RIS Administrator
    Baylor Health Care System
    Dallas, TX

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