Posted by: Adam Chee | August 30, 2009

27th August 2010 is the 2nd Annual International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day

Are you an Imaging Informatics Professional (or supporting staff) working in a healthcare facility or solution provider?

Did you miss the inaugural International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day?

Fret not, mark your calenders, the 27th August 2010 is the 2nd annual International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day 🙂

However, do come back to this site often as there are some new and interesting initiatives coming up!


  1. Hi – interesting ,, not aware of a PACS Administrator Appreciation Day,, kudos,, its a tough job,,,keep me in the loop,,, i wear the hat,, learn a lot on the job ,,waiting to get myself formally certified.

  2. Could you please let me know where is the venue of this PACS International Appreciation Day?

  3. What a great idea.
    I am working on my last day implementing a PACS in the Northern Territory, Australia; which is six times the physical size of Great Britain and two and half times the size of Texas. We have 5 hospital sites and other smaller sites.
    I now understand the problems of the PACS adminstrator, thankless task where you just get complaints and almost never a thank you.

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