Posted by: Adam Chee | August 31, 2009

The Inaugural International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day

As anticipated, the day came, it came – 28th August 2009, the inaugural International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day.

A peer in the industry asked me what I did to celebrate this day of recognition, especially since I came up with the idea. Well, allow me to share with you what I planned and what actually happened.

I initially made plans to order a cake with the appropriate wordings (just a cake, no fancy party poppers or balloons, one step at a time kind of plan) and wanted to surprise my colleagues with the cake but it turns out, I had to attend some external meetings (plus there were some work that really needed my attention) so I ended up celebrating the  inaugural International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day in meetings and (night) classes but do not get mistaken, I took a moment to congratulated myself and the people in the meeting (who work with health informatics in some ways) for the good work done for the industry and wished them a happy PACS Administrator Day. I did not forget to take pride in my profession just because I am ‘stuck’ with work.

I know David Brown, Imaging Informatics Manager @ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Greater Los Angeles Area (United States of America) had a little ‘party’ and went back to work, I know Matt Granger, PACS Administrator @ Woodland Healthcare, California (United States of America), took pride in the day and announced it to the world in his website and there are many more individuals that celebrated the PACS Administrator Appreciation day.

This web portal received close to 800 unique visits on the 28th August 2009 (well, 2 days if you factor in the time differences) and that’s pretty awesome for an initiative that off only 3 months ago, received no corporate assistance from any major medical imaging equipment or solution provider etc, its all community driven (and we have not fully extended into our community yet). Isn’t this just reflective our profession? We work in the background to ensure smooth operation and enabling what seems to be impossible at times.

So there you go, that was how I celebrated the inaugural International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day and I truly hoped that you – my fellow colleague in the medical imaging informatics profession, be it in a healthcare facility or a solution provider, had a wonderful PACS Administrator Appreciation Day.

If you have missed the celebration on the 28th August 2009 then mark your calenders for the 27th August 2010 for the second annual International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day 🙂

P.S. And do visit this web portal frequent as there are other exciting plans in the making.

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