Posted by: Adam Chee | August 29, 2010

The 2nd Annual International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day

The day came, we celebrated and got back to work recharged, fulfilled and motivated (at least for me 🙂 )

Terry Vandehei received an e-card from his co-workers in IT (I want an e-card too!)

Bruno Bellotto, Shailendrakumar Jariwala, Eugene Pakman and David Brown send their congrats (on other portals, others left their messages here directly). I know a couple of guys had mini celebration parties last year (Michael Lunsford included) so I’m waiting to hear if there are any this year.

Edit: Matt Granger (our Ambassador from California, USA) was ‘bestowed with offerings’ of  cake and a greeting card from the hospital he worked for and most importantly, his request to upgrade all  PACS hardware was approved! (read more here).

This web portal received over 600 unique visits on the 27th August 2010, again we received no corporate assistance from any major medical imaging equipment or solution provider etc, it’s all community driven (although I think we were a little laid back  this year)

For me, I happen to had a little gathering and we took photos (I uploaded a couple of them here).

Just an F.Y.I. This photo has ‘representatives’ from 3 different imaging informatics solution providers. If you have a celebration photo, send it to us at  webmaster @

Please do mark your calendars for the 26th August 2011 for the third  annual International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day :)

Note: International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day is for PACS Administrators (be it a radiologic technologist, an IT professional, a Biomedical Engineer, a Nurse or even Radiologists)  from around the world, and also all those involved in the support and management of medical imaging informatics (regardless of clinical discipline, solution providers).

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