Welcome to International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day

This website has been designed for PACS Administrators (be it a radiologic technologist, an IT professional, a Biomedical Engineer, a Nurse or even a Radiologist)  from around the world, and all those involved in Medical Imaging Informatics system support and management.

The radiographers have the World Radiography day while the IT professionals have the Systems Administrator Day how about the rest of us involved in this hybrid profession of Medical Imaging Informatics (or PACS) administrations?

A PACS Administrator is like a Train Station Master, you only notice them when things are not working (and ignoring their presence when they keep things in order).

So lets put in some appreciation for the PACS Administrators in your facility, recognise them for their efforts in keeping the PACS system in place (and operational), lets shower them with expensive gifts, thank you cards, hugs etc. Let them bask in the glory for playing an important role in the modern day hospital.

If you are a PACS Administrator or plays a role in PACS support and management (be it from the hospital team or a solution provider), then the International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day is for you.

Lets celebrate International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day every year on the last Friday of August!

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