PACSAdmin What?

Defining the job scope of an Medical Imaging Informatics Professional (traditionally known as a PACS Administrator) is an uphill task as the responsibilities involved can only be best described as ‘nebulous’.

Because of the way the PACS administrator profession emerged, it does not have a universal skill set or job description. Simply put, the PACS Administrator is responsible for the operational efficiency of the PACS eco-system and this includes many functions, including (but not limited to) the following;

  • Both technical and clinical (radiology, cardiology etc) workflow assessments
  • Workflow redesign
  • Modality integration to PACS
  • Daily system monitoring
  • Storage media management
  • User management
  • Network management
  • Quality control and performance monitoring
  • Study monitoring and patient information management
  • Training for new and ongoing users
  • Trouble-shooting and problem solving
  • Security, including development and monitoring of policies and procedures
  • Providing proactive technical administration, planning, coordination, documentation

It is not an easy task. The PACS Administrator needs to understand various aspects of computing (hardware, software. operating systems, networks, databases, security etc etc etc) and clinical components (modalities and their nature, clinical workflow, medical terminology ) and handle projects implementations, conduct trainings, manage the expectations of various people using the PACS systems. The problem is that a PACS Administrator is like a Train Station Master, you only notice them when things are not working (and ignoring their presence when they keep things in order).

So here at, it does not matter if you are a radiologic technologist (radiographer) or IT Professional or Biomedical / Clinical Engineer or Nurse or Radiologist turned PACS Administrator (you get the idea), International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day celebrates and honors you as a professional and the role you play in improving patient care while reducing cost.

Enjoy the glory, honor, expensive gifts, thank you cards, hugs etc. If you are a PACSAdministrator or plays a role in PACS support and management (be it from the hospital team or a solution provider), then the International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day is for you.

Happy International PACS Administrator Appreciation Day!

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